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Management Trainee Experience: Shruti Soumya

I am Shruti Soumya, Management trainee from the batch of 2016. I have only just completed 1 year of MT Program on 5th of May this year. I was born and brought up in the eastern side of India but work and education has taken me across the country. My keen interest in working for consumer centric brands motivated me to join Kraft Heinz on completion of my MBA from MDI, Gurgaon – located in the Corporate Hub of India’s National Capital Region.

The first year has been a great experience in terms of learning, sailing on rough rides, being knocked off but then emerging out stronger still, challenge after challenge. I feel very much a part of this small family like place where everyone is there to help you out if you are ready to put your best foot forward.

1st Stint- Chennai Complan Story

I was awarded with the opportunity to work in one of the strongest markets for the mother brand in India- Complan. This project taught me a lot about the category, how market leaders behaved in this category, who was the shopper, what needs ere being addressed. The project’s scope was limited to BTL- I was a part of mall activations for Complan, did an independent shopper research to understand the category from shopper’s point of view. I came up with a set of recommendations at the end of this project which made the way for the next project in Mumbai.

2nd Stint- Mumbai Merchandizing Operations

Another fun project to work on- the task was to streamline third party merchandizing operations. The project exposed me to this particular segment in Indian FMCG industry context. Merchandizing has become a very important BTL activity in India’s high retail density environment where brands have to fight to get consumer’s eyeballs. I gathered immense learning on this project, right from understanding how different companies approached this space, which category needed it more, what was happening with our brands, and finally came up with my recommendations with respect to to streamlining our 3rd party operations which are in the process of being implemented.

3rd Stint- ASM Shadow West Delhi and ASM Mumbai 2

My 3rd stint was directed towards on the job training for the role which I am doing right now of managing sales revenue for a part of Mumbai. I did a shadow stint in Ghaziabad which is a city in the western part of Delhi. This stint along with teaching me day to day technicalities of the job also exposed me to different kind of a market- in the northern part of India. It was very beneficial because although it is one country, the way markets behave change drastically owing to the diversity in India.