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Management Trainee Experience: Anindya Pramudita

My name is Nindya, and for my first rotation I have been assigned as the new marketing management trainee under Beverages. My experience in Kraft Heinz ABC has been incredible. My project is to help the launch of a new ready to drink (RTD) product and help the marketing team in preparing for the festive season.

My role in the launch is the project coordinator so I am involved in almost everything. This includes from communicating with the R&D team to process the product with the FDA, to helping in collecting and summarizing the document for RAPID.

Everyone in this company is very open. In order for me to learn, I need to have a discussion with people from cross department and they welcomed me with open arms.

What’s amazing about this program is the exposure. Not only with other department, but also with the board of directors. In less than two months, I’ve already had the opportunity to lead and present in a couple of meetings in front of Pedro Albuquerque, the COO of Kraft Heinz Southeast Asia. I also like how as a new management trainee, the management has already entrusted me in handling such a big project. The company doesn’t spoon-feed us so we have to learn and have a lot of discussion with a lot of people.

It’s such an amazing experience and I am very motivated to start my career and learn more and more from everyone.